What is the society’s main goal?

The Netherlands Society of Rehabilitation Medicine (NSRM, in dutch: VRA) is the national scientific association of physicians who are registered as rehabilitation physicians in the register of the Registration Committee of Medical Specialists (RGS). The NSRM is an organization of professional and expert members whose primary goal is to promote the social participation and autonomy of their patients.

Is there a personal story behind the establishment of the society?

The association was founded on April 16, 1955 and has more than 900 members. Various committees, working groups and steering groups operate within the NSRM. Depending on their status, they advise the board, solicited or unsolicited, on developments in the field. The day-to-day executive work is carried out by the NSRM office.

Why did your society decide to take part in the RehabWeek?

We believe that joint action between engineers and clinicians is extremely important to design and validate new rehabilitation technology. In the end, rehabilitation technology integrated in the clinic should have a maximum  impact on the patients. As Rehabweek is now coming to the Netherlands, it gives the NSRM a good opportunity to strive for this integration.

Why is RehabWeek unique and why should people attend?

Rehabweek is unique in its multidisciplinary composition both in societies and visitors. Engineers, rehabilitation physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and researchers in these fields come together to inform, inspire and strive for cooperation in the field of rehabilitation technology. The atmosphere is unique and inspiring and invites everyone to participate in both scientific and social activities.

What do you think will be the next big issue in the field? Why?

I think that the focus should shift from rehabilitation technology for clinical applications to rehabilitation technology that can also be applied in the patient's or user's living environment. We see that after the rehabilitation period, patients continue to need to engage in exercises to maintain their acquired functions. It is therefore necessary to have more of a vision on rehabilitation technology throughout the whole patient journey.

Any success story you would like to share.

We have many success stories to share. To single out just one of them would not do justice to all the others. We invite everyone to share with us our success stories during the NSRM programme in the Rehabweek 2022 Rotterdam.